The Motorcycle Museum – Anamosa, Iowa

Hi everyone.

I have so many photos to put on the blog, I’ll just add descriptions where needed but most are self-explanatory. First though – the museum which is at 101 Harley Avenue, Anamosa, Iowa.

The National Motorcycle Museum was founded in 1989 by people who love motorcycling and it thrives today because of their sound plan. Engineers, racers, bike builders, tuners and others as far back as the late 1800′s built the groundwork for what motorcycling has become.


P1050220 P1050219 P1050214 P1050215 P1050216 P1050217 P1050218 P1050213 P1050212 P1050211 P1050210Yes, it’s a Guzzi

P1050209 P1050204

John Player Special – NortonP1050205 P1050206 P1050207 P1050208 P1050202 P1050201 P1050200 P1050197 P1050196 P1050181 P1050183Triumph 500 Hill Climber: note the chains on the rear wheel

P1050184 P1050185 P1050186Sidecar RacerP1050176 P1050178 P1050179 P1050180 P1050175 P1050174 P1050173 P1050172 P1050171 P1050166 P1050167 P1050168Leo Payne’s bike, TurnipP1050169

P1050177 P1050170 P1050165 P1050164 P1050163 P1050162 Morgan Aero2 Morgan Aero henderson cyclecar2_ henderson CyclecarBrough Superior Brough Superior Brough Sup

After the Pony Express came …..


P1050222P1050223 P1050224 P1050225 P1050226 P1050227 P1050228 P1050229 P1050230 P1050231 P1050232

Ice BoatP1050233 P1050234 P1050235Nimbus (Denmark)P1050236 P1050237 P1050238 P1050239 P1050240 P1050241 P1050242

I bought 6 raffle tickets in the hope of winning this IndianP1050243 P1050244 P1050245

Maserati MotorcycleP1050246 P1050247

A gaudy Guzzi

P1050248 P1050249 P1050250 P1050251 P1050252 P1050253The Guzzi of a guy from the Moto Guzzi Rally who is also visiting the museum


And another Guzzi from the rally visiting the museumP1050255A STEAM-DRIVEN BIKE!Steam M_C2 Vincent

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