Over The Mountains From Evanston, WY To Heber City, CO.

It has been a couple of days since posting so there are a lot of photos to upload.

Hopefully, the photos will tell the story. I wasn’t sure which way to head and set off in a sort of SE direction. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest was as steep as I expected. I did not, however, expect to be snowed on! It was bleak day and I had wrapped up well – in the end, too well as I began a meltdown at one point and had to sit and rest as I thought I might be having a heart attack. I guess the altitude was part of the reason for that. I had gone up around 8,000 feet.

Here’s the photos of the trip with explanations where necessary.

First – a car for Christine. She loves these old things.


Something warming P1030889

Not sure what was going on here.

P1030891 P1030893

But packed and ready for off

P1030894 P1030896 P1030903 P1030904 P1030906 P1030907 P1030908 P1030909 P1030910 P1030915 P1030917 P1030918 P1030919 P1030922 P1030925 P1030926 P1030927 P1030928

Now we’re climbing

P1030929 P1030930 P1030939 P1030940 P1030946 P1030949 P1030951 P1030954 P1030955 c P1030961 P1030970 f P1030976 P1030980 P1030983 P1030985 P1030986 P1030987

You can’t see it on the photos, but it was snowing up there!

P1030988 P1030991 P1030993 P1030994 P1040001 P1040004

I had to take some of my many layers off to cool down – and then I began to descend from the mountains anyhow.

P1040011 P1040016 P1040017 P1040019 P1040020 P1040021 P1040028 P1040030 P1040031 P1040033 P1040034 P1040036 P1040038

It was getting late when I pulled into Heber City. I asked the gas station attendant about motels in town. She told me the people who owned the Swiss Alps were very nice people, so that motel was probably good. But she warned me not to go to the motels on the other side of town.

P1040041 P1040045 P1040047 P1040050 P1040051 P1040052 P1040053 P1040054 P1040057 P1040058 P1040059 P1040061 P1040063 P1040064 c P1040068 P1040069 c




Time for a beer and some solid fuel. The diner opposite the motel belonged to the same people.

P1040073 c

This was a couple from New Zealand who were here ‘chasing horses’


A very unusual toilet

P1040078The owners of the motel.

Tomorrow, I go east and end up in Colorado again



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