Cedar City to St George, UT. Bye Bye, Breva.

The bike is in storage in Cedar City now and that’s always a sad occasion – knowing there’s a freezing winter for her to sit through.



We had one night in a Cedar City motel. That evening, I took a stroll around this nice town in a lovely light. And it’s obvious that Halloween is a big deal in the USA.


After eating dinner out, we stumbled upon a brand new innovation for this strictly Mormon town; a WINE BAR!

It was terribly expensive though so we didn’t quaff much. The wines are all from USA grapes and are brewed and bottled on the premises.

The next morning we returned via the shuttle, to St George (it’s warmer by 20°f)

We had booked a motel room for three days, finding one with cooking facilities to save money and give us a break from diner food.

Unfortunately, it happened that there was a convention on in St George and rooms were short on the ground.

When we arrived to check into The Sands motel, they put us in their sister motel, the Coronada, next door. Once we were in the room and online, I checked the reviews (I always read reviews before booking) and was horrified. I have a real phobia concerning cockroaches and a dread of transporting bed bugs back home. There were pages of reviews just like these;

I felt sick with dread. I checked for an alternative motel even though we would not get a refund, but there were no vacancies in the whole town.

I was almost in tears. Jan pulled all the bedclothes off the bed, checked the mattress and under it. Checked all the drawers and cupboards etc.

I refused to turn the light off; I lay on top of the bed wearing clinging leggings and socks to cover the leg holes and a long sleeve tee shirt.

It was a long night and the bright light gave me a pounding headache. Jan got up regularly to have a look around.

We both slept a little easier on the next two nights as we hadn’t seen any crawlies.

The room was shabby and tired. But superficially, clean enough. The AC didn’t work so it was stuffy. But the kitchen cheered me up a little.

I walked to the nearest grocery store, 2 miles away. I took a long time choosing the best foods I could find and was very pleased to see the USA has more organic produce and additive free foods than in previous years. I bought some free range ground bison to make burgers (meals had to be simple as the kitchen wasn’t very well equipped). Another meal was organic, free range chicken drumsticks and sweet potato chips. Breakfast was a good low carb, high fat meal of bacon, egg and avocado (hot sauce on everything, for me)


It was so nice to cook again.

More to follow.

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