Torrey, Utah To Evanston, Wyoming – Heading Back East.

On leaving Torrey for Evanston, I did do half of the route on scenic byways, so I could stop & take photos
One section I was on, was rather tragic, in as much as a white tail deer had tried to jump a 5-strand, barbed wire fence and, somehow, it got one leg between the top 2 strands, and as it fell, the strands twisted and trapped the leg.
It was on one of those stretches of road, with no pull out space, and  double  yellow lines, and I was in a queue of traffic, so I couldn’t stop anywhere, but it did appear to be dead.
A quick google from the motel gave the following.

‘The basic problem is that rural roads are being traveled by more and more people, many of them living in far-flung subdivisions. Each year, about 200 people are killed in as many as two million wildlife-related crashes at a cost of more than $8 billion, the institute estimated in a report prepared for the National Academies of Science.Ninety percent of the accidents occur on rural two-lane roads, and the most common animal involved is a deer.

Now that is statistics from Insurance companies talking about crashes and vehicle damage.

I see squashed snakes, raccoon,s possum, turtles, birds, skunks etc, that get killed without any vehicle damage.

I killed a bird myself, back in 2012, an American Redbreast, hit me in the shoulder; it was like firing a shotgun.

I bet that total animal road kills, gets up around 4 million a year, if not more.

Well I am back in Evanston as it is a reasonably large town, serviced by an interstate etc as I am trying to replace this old notebook with  Windows XP on it. I’ve ordered a Macbook Air,  and hope it is delivered as fast as possible. The weekly in the motel rate saved me a couple of hundred dollars – that was good.  Staying for a week also solves the  July 4th problem, because  sometimes  even the most out-of-the-way, motels get fully booked around Independence Day due to visiting friends & relatives.

Fingers Xed for a speedy delivery.

Take Care Out There.

Meanwhile, some photos of the ride to here 🙂

The view from the motel in Torrey

View FromTorreyTorrey bookshop garden. My friend Patti explained the little caravan to me, ‘The little shed to the left, on wheels, is a “camper” made for the shepherds. They stay in these in, usually the desert while the mobs of sheep wander and graze’Torrey Bookshop GardenDried-out gulch

P1040813 P1040814 P1040820 P1040821Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

P1040832 P1040833 P1040834 P1040838 P1040845 P1040848 P1040850 P1040851 P1040852 P1040855 There are a lot of road works in the USA – but then again, there are a lot of roads! And a lot of extreme weather changes. So, well done to the people who maintain the roads year round.

‘Fresh Oil Ahead’ (I’ve no idea why some of the letters are missing on the sign as they were all clearly visible)

P1040825Stopped in the goop; it wasn’t too bad. Waiting for a guide to ride ahead of us.

Sprayer stopped in the goopThe sticky stuff that gives the feeling that the rear wheel is sliding away from you.

The Slippery StuffFly fishing while drifting in a rubber boat

Fly Fishing While Drifting Trip 289 miles


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