‘Get Your Kicks’ – well, your chocolate soda….

In 2010 we rode most of Route 66 – from Chicago,  Illinois to Flagstaff, Arizona. Our plans beyond there meant we had to miss out the two other R66 towns in Arizona, Seligman and Kingman. On last year’s trip, we did ride the California part of R66, apart from Los Angeles (which we have no desire to visit, whatsoever).

Kingman, AZ was only 78 miles from Boulder City so, the day after checking in at the Hoover Dam Lodge, we decided to ride there and, perhaps, continue on to Seligman.

The ride along US-93 South was really nice. The initial part of the ride went over the Hoover Dam – not the we could see down below, but here’s a photo of the road, taken on our return to the hotel, via the dam.


The majority of the old towns of R66 are quite sad places since their heyday; the decline brought about by the building of Interstate I-40. The film, Pixar ‘Cars’, although a children’s movie, is a good interpretation of events that caused the decline of this, once, wonderful road that crossed a huge part of the USA. On our earlier ride of ‘The Mother Road’ only two towns really stand out in my memory as being similar to how they might have been, back then; Tucumcari, in New Mexico and Winslow, Arizona.

Entering Arizona
US-9 South
The landscape.

I hadn’t read many glowing reviews of Kingman so I didn’t expect a lot. Sadly, this was the case. The town had a neglected air about it. The motels looked tired and shabby. Jan said, ‘thank god we aren’t staying here the night’.

Theres a nice R66 museum and a Santa Fe steam engine and Mr D’z diner was colourful, but little else to recommend the town.



The Santa Fe Train

Processed with Snapseed.

Had to be done!

As we were here, we had to have diner experience and we were thirsty. Mr D’z looked good and the Frankie Vally music really drew me in.



Jan had a chocolate soda – nice and messy, as it should be.



It was a pleasant ride out but we decided against continuing on to Seligman; another time, maybe.

We filled the tank up and set off back to Boulder, deciding to visit Hoover Dam on the way back.


Next post; Hoover Dam

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