Motoguzziriders Saddle Up Again


Hi all 🙂

After a two year break, we are finally returning to the Guzzi again. Poor thing has been in a lock-up in Cedar City, Utah, all this time.

In 2017, Jan had cataract surgery which didn’t go very well and I had abdominal surgery so there was no way we could do a motorcycle tour.

This year has presented us with a few hurdles and stumbles too but, finally, we managed to put a trip together in about three days. As it is so late in the year, we will be staying south as even Utah can have deep snow at this time of year.

Jan has gone on ahead of me so that he can have the bike serviced and I will follow him next week.

After a 5am rise yesterday, he got to his motel 28 hours later. The flight was delayed, then further delayed by strong headwinds. So they landed about 3 hours late which meant he missed his shuttle to St George and the following two shuttles (90 minutes apart) were full up. Long/short; he finally found another company to get him to St George but then he had to travel to Cedar City by taxi which cost him $120! With the time difference of 8 hours, it is now almost three in the morning so I am sure he will now be in the land of a well-earned nod.

Once he has rested, he will be off to the bike and getting things moving – that might not be straightforward as the battery is probably flat and the tyres could well be flat too. Fingers and tootsies crossed.

Here is the route we think we will be taking and we may even dip our toes into Mexico as we are going so far south.

The general route
Satellite 2018-10-03 at 16.36.01
Satellite image to show the terraine
On The Road
Riding along on the Moto Guzzi Breva 750

12 Replies to “Motoguzziriders Saddle Up Again”

  1. Glad to see you two are back on the road. As far as Mexico is concerned, you may want to reconsider, in light of the horrendous amount of violence that is taking place south of the border. In August the US State Department issued a travel advisory warning American citizens headed to Mexico to use caution. Just an safe and welcome back!


    1. Thanks you for the welcome back. Many thanks for the sensible advice. The idea of Mexico is just a that – a possibility. But to be honest, we really could do without any extra hassle and don’t really want to queue for 4 hours to go through the border control point and we have heard it can be even more difficutl to get back in. I’ve been looking at forums that deal with the safety and security and most motorcyclists say that it is quite safe if one stays in the tourist areas and don’t ride after dark. But, perhaps, it really isn’t worth the risk 🙂


    1. Hi there! Good to hear from you. Hope you are well. Where in Utah are you. Jan is about to set off south to nevada.

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      1. I spent the day at Bryce Canyon today – it was incredible! Tomorrow I am going to Cedar Breaks, then down through Zion. Next up after that will be Death Valley and into California over the next couple of days.


      2. Yes, Bryce is amazing. And Zion is just beautiful – like a slice of heaven. You need a good few hours there. Have a wonderful time 🙂


  2. Great to know you are coming over to US. Doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing you. Have a great trip, let us know if you’re coming this way!
    Brian & Kim

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    1. So sorry we won’t get to see you guys. It’s a bit late in the year and a short trip, Brian and Kim. Hope you are both well. Hugs 🤗


  3. If you get to Mesquite and have time drop by the museum we would love to see you.
    Next time you need a ride from St George to Cedar or Vegas or for that matter on this section of I 15 just call me I be happy to give you a ride….My number (952) 440 5769.


    1. Hi there, lovely to hear from you and that is such a kind gesture; thank you so much. We will definitely be in to see you as I am meeting Jan in Mesquite on the 12th. Hope you are both well 🙂


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